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Generate Form 16 with TaxCloud's TDS Software

Generate Form 16 with TaxCloud's TDS Software
(added 26/04/2014)

TaxCloud’s TDS software now supports Form 16 / Form 16A generation. Click here to see a sample Form 16 generated by our software.

For Salary TDS returns, TaxCloud can generate a combined PDF with both Part A and Part B for you.

  • We can import information from TRACES and generate TRACES Form 16 Part A.

  • You can use our TDS software to prepare the Part B. You can use this sample excel template in order to import data for part b.

For Non Salary TDS returns, we can import the Form 16A from TRACES and generate the TRACES PDFs for you.

The below image shows you how it looks on our dashboard.

TDS Return Form 16 Generation Dashboard