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How to import data from Excel into TaxCloud e-TDS software?

"TaxCloud TDS Software" is an easy-to-use, secure, reliable and super-fast cloud based software. You can use it from anywhere to prepare and validate your tds return.

TaxCloud can save you a lot of time and prevent the typing mistakes. Just copy all your data in our excel template and upload it. You can add your deductees and tax-deductions using this feature.

Login to TaxCloud India's e-TDS software. Choose your deductor, quarter, financial year and form type for which you want to import your data.

You shall find the link to import your data on Dashboard itself.

Step 1 of Import from Excel

Just follow the 3 simple steps to import your data -

Step 1

Download excel template

  • Download the latest version of Template.
  • Keep the name and ordering of header same.
  • Template file is in .xlsx format (Excel 2007 and later).

Step 2 of Import from Excel

Step 2

Fill the excel sheet

  • Keep the name and ordering of header same.
  • Simply add normal Excel dates or "dd/MM/yyyy" in text format.
  • Keep the data continuous, do not leave blank rows in between.

Step 3 of Import from Excel

Step 3

Upload the excel sheet

  • Upload the Excel file in .xlsx format only (Excel 2007 and later).
  • You can edit and validate your data online on the software itself.
  • New deductees will be created if the PAN mentioned does not exist in master-list.
  • If you face any issues, just drop us an email at -

Step 4 of Import from Excel